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InnaVillage Productions is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support mental health
awareness, promote advocacy, increase access to resources, and stop the stigma using creative
out of the box strategies to engage the community. Our focus is to engage youth, young adults
and marginalized communities who struggle with access to resources and conversations about
mental health through uplifting, exciting events around the arts. We collaborate with artists,
crew, production, vendors, community organizations and leadership to create a synergic, stigma
free space where people can have a great time while accessing resources and information. While
our short term, ongoing goal is to fundraise for mental health services – our long-term goal is to

establish an affordable, accessible Performing Arts Community Center where people can
showcase their talents, sell their merchandise, record music, dance, paint, cook, garden, learn
public speaking skills, stage production, set design, gaming, computer skills, etc and explore the
arts as a possible career in addition to enhancement of well-being. The Center will include a
“Resource Office” for connection to a host of community services, supports, and networking
opportunities. A Village within a Village. A hub that will become a model for motivation,
collaboration, networking and a positive approach that is fueled by the individual passions of our
participants. Join Us!

Butterfly on Ink

You Matter 

It gets better. 

Beautiful Sunset

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